AISA / Regions



An important function of AISA is the opportunity it creates for those working with international students throughout the UK to meet each other. One way that this is achieved is through the five regional groups:

  • North and Midlands

Kate Williams:

  • North East

Michael McTeague :

David Barrott:

  • South Coast

Monika Materna-Brossier :

Georgia Chalmers:

  • South East and London

Jasiba Khurana-Chauhan:

  • South West and Wales

Kayleigh Thomas:
Nick Ruggieri:


Meetings are arranged within each area, usually termly, to discuss matters of interest or concern for international student advisers such as orientation programmes, fees and funding, and immigration issues. If you want more information about a regional group please contact the regional chair. Alternatively if you would like to enquire about starting your own region please email